Brembo donate €1m to fight COVID-19

Italian braking technologies giant Brembo has donated €1,000,000 to help fight the COVID-19 virus

2013-Suzuki-Hayabusa-brembo brake

BREMBO has committed to donate €1m to the Italian health service to help with the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

Brembo’s Italian headquarters is located in the city of Bergamo, northern Italy, just a few miles north of Milan. The city is located in Lombardy and to date is one of the hardest hit areas in Italy. Covering nearly 10k square miles and containing around 10m people, the region includes the second-most populous city in Italy, Milan, just one reason the death toll in the area has been so high.

The money donated by Brembo is going to be shared by three medical facilities, the Fondazione per la Ricerca Ospedale di Bergamo (FROM) foundation, the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, and the Mario Negri Institute. The three centres of excellence are all situated in the region's worst hit area, and all three combine clinical and pharmacological research.

Alberto Bombassei, President of Brembo, said in a statement:

“After an initial donation to a nursing home at the Bergamo hospital, we needed to do our own research to find a drug for COVID-19 as soon as possible, Research is also the art in which we see ourselves as a company. We believe that it is the payment method to find a future solution to this important situation.”

To date, Italy is one of the hardest hit EU countries, registering 170,000 confirmed cases and 23,600 deaths.

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