Ever wanted to ride a Dodge Tomahawk 150cc replica? Well now you can..

A Chinese custom company is selling a 150cc replica of the bonkers Viper-engined 8.3L V10 Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle to buy

Dodge Tomahawk replica

Clasping our eyes on all manner of custom motorcycles can bring on a whole range of emotions from envy to pride to joy to despair. But this one… well we’re not sure what to think!

While transforming your everyday motorcycle into something unique is certainly tried and tested, every now and then we are wowed by the creativity of some – good, bad and frankly just weird.

That said, we have to admit we do have a soft spot for those that have taken their humdrum daily commuter and turned it into something with more bark than bite – this Royal Enfield-cum-Harley Davidson for one -  but this latest creation takes it to the extreme!

Feast your eyes on this, a Dodge Tomahawk replica that underneath comes kitted out with… a 150cc engine.

We love it simply because, frankly, you couldn’t get further from a 150cc motorcycle to the completely bonkers Tomahawk!

The Tomahawk was a completely unexpected (and unfathomable) motorcycle from Dodge that premiered at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show. Essentially an engine on wheels, it was equipped with the 8.3-litre 500cc V10 powerplant from the iconic Viper, a machine that is quick enough with a full complement of wheels, seats and bodywork.

Transforming that into a motorcycle (of sorts) was a crazy demonstration of excess that was rather obviously a show of what it could do, not what it would. With a ‘claimed’ 500HP and 525Ib-ft of torque, this was a monster though we must point out these are figures of Dodge themselves – whether it actually ‘could’ move to that extent is up for debate.

Still, it did look the part with its brushed aluminium V10 centrepiece if you wanted your motorcycles to look impressive on a teenager’s wall. An icon was born to answer a question no-one had really asked.

Which brings us to 2020 and this bizarre 150cc replica appearing on Alibaba (the Chinese-equivalent of Amazon) to actually buy. It comes from the motorcycle manufacturing hub of Zhejiang by the Trumki Company.

Fair enough, they’ve gone to quite a lot of effort with the finish from afar (though we’d love a closer look) though quite clearly it has shrunk a bit in the wash. Quite why you’d want to purchase a motorcycle with a fifth of the engine capacity of the motorcycle it’s aping is beyond us, but if you do it’ll set you back just under £1000 without shipping.

Just don’t complain it isn’t quite what was advertised when it arrives!