BMW S1000RR to be limited at 9,000rpm until first service

'This is merely being done as a precaution' says BMW spokesman

BMW is to limit all new production S1000RR models to 9,000rpm for the first 600 miles (1,000km) following excessive wear found by race team mechanics on undisclosed engine components.

The company says the software patch, which prevents the engine from reaching the 12,000rpm redline, is merely a 'precaution'. The limiter can be overridden at the first service by an authorised BMW dealer.

BMW's Scott Grimsdall told "We don't expect any problems with road bikes, this is merely being done as a precaution. BMW is being very cautious with this bike because it is so new and high profile, and it has some new materials in the engine that need a bedding-in period."