BMW extends new bike warranty to three years

Two-year coverage extended to three, with unlimited mileage and free Euro breakdown cover

BMW servicing

FILE UNDER things you probably thought were true already - BMW's now bumping up its new bike warranty period from two years to three. Even better - you also get European Roadside Assistance breakdown cover, the warranty applies worldwide, and there are no mileage limits. So if you rode your new R1200 GS around the world, continuously, for 35 months and it dropped a valve in Inner Mongolia, you'll still get it fixed for free.

The extension means new BMW Motorrad owners get 36 months of free repairs or parts replacement, in the event of manufacture or material defect. Which sounds fairly good to us.

Nick Reece, national aftersales manager for BMW Motorrad UK, said “The change to this support package matches perfectly the needs of our customers.  With worldwide cover for warranty, including unlimited mileage, and Roadside Assistance wherever you are in Europe, those riders who choose to use their bikes for holiday and adventure travel – as many do – can now travel with added reassurance.”

BMW’s new three-year warranty applies to all BMW motorcycles (except HP4 RACE) purchased from 01 August 2018 and is applicable from date of delivery.  For more information, please visit and speak to your local BMW Motorrad retailer.