First California Superbike School Ladies' Day a success

Almost 40 women attended the day

First California Superbike School Ladies' Day a success

CALIFORNIA Superbike School’s inaugural ladies' day took place at Brands Hatch yesterday and by all accounts it was a huge success.

Thirty-nine women from all walks of lives attended, riding a mix of their own bikes and the school’s selection of Ducatis. While the school has space for up to 60 riders, the smaller numbers yesterday made for a more personal approach, with just a handful of women in each group.

Having attended a mixed CSS only last week at Donington Park, it was easy to see the benefits of a ladies only day. Women who would otherwise be too intimidated to ride on track were enjoying the less macho environment, and those more familiar with the circuit were happy to share tips in front of a classroom full of their peers. Unfortunately CSS’s first female coach, Izzy, was unable to make the day, but the school is keen to embrace females on track, and following the success of the first Ladies' Day, Managing Director Andy Shewbridge believes they will hold many more.

 “It’s been a great atmosphere and I’ve seen lots of personal development today,” he commented.

“Lots of the ladies have picked up so much, you can see they’ve noticeably gained in confidence and bike control by the end of the day, which is what it’s about.

“The whole idea was to make California Superbike School more appealing to ladies to come to a less intimidating environment, so if that’s worked it’s perfect.”

“We’ll definitely hold another Ladies Day this time next year!”

Mike Dring, former Police operational lead for motorcycle safety in the UK and now a CSS coach added:

“I was on an episode of traffic cops many years ago and I made a comment saying female police officers make the best students and the best drivers, and that’s the same here because you don’t come with bravado and an ‘I’m going to show the coach how quick I am’ attitude.

“You’ve all come here with an open mind and it’s been a really good atmosphere, it’s been superb.

More CSS info here.

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