Bikes that make you go hmm. The Top 10 unusual motorcycles you can buy in 2021

If you like standing out, here’s a run down of the top 10 most unconventional motorcycles you can spend your hard-earned cash on in 2021.

Bikes that make you go hmm. The Top 10 unusual motorcycles you can buy in 2021

MOTORCYCLES can certainly turn heads, but we picked out these 10 bikes for their slightly less-than-conventional take on the two-wheeled formula. You can’t put these in the normal box, no way - these are well and truly the quirkiest of the lot that we could find on the market. 

Alex Strange here to cover a recent-ish video on the Visordown YouTube channel - 10 unusual motorcycles you can buy in 2021. Keep your ‘Strange’ jokes to yourself, for now, I can guarantee you I’ve heard them all - but it’s like I was born to cover this video!

Whether you’re after a commuter scooter that’s into a bit of dirt at the weekend, a long-distance tourer that’s got an extra leg, or just something with that extra bit of flair to make it stand wheels & bars above the rest… we’re 99% this list will have something that’s a bit more outside of the box for you.

Top 10 More Unusual Motorcycles You Can Buy Right Now | Honda X-ADV, Yamaha Niken |

Some of us riders love a good chat on a Sunday morning at the local cafe, and if you’re after a new topic to cover every time you stop for a cuppa - you’ll certainly find something here. 

If you don’t want any spoilers then watch the video first, but on the list we’ve included the Yamaha Niken, Honda X-ADV, Moto Guzzi V85TT & Royal Enfield Himalayan. Unique for their own reasons, but I think you’ll agree they would certainly draw eyes at a packed Loomies meet.

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