Behold! The Ducati Panigale - Italjet Dragster mash-up we didn’t know we needed…

Kar Lee Designs is at it again, this time taking two modern icons of Italian design - the Ducati Panigale V2 and Italjet Dragster - to bring us the 'Ducatitaljet'

Italjet Dragster - Ducati Panigale V2 [credit: Kar Lee Designs Instagram]

We love a good reimagining here at Visordown and thanks to wonders of modern technology combined with the vision and skills of those with an eye for design, the internet (predominantly Instagram) is a hive of imaginative renders, remixes and mash-ups that get us thinking ‘what if…?’

My hands wouldn’t be able to type fast enough to bring you all of the striking imagery that ends up online every day, but we couldn’t help but do so with this - the ‘Ducati Italjet’ - from Kar Lee (@kardesig.
 - go give him a follow) who you may know already as a dab hand at transforming motorcycles with the swish of a few computer strokes. Well, maybe not a ‘few’.

We have previously featured Kar with his take on the next generation Honda CB1000R blending the design elements of the new Honda CBR1000RR, and it certainly went down well with you all out there
This latest render is more fun, albeit somewhat less plausible, taking two Italian modern icons in the Ducati Panigale V2 and the new Italjet Dragster - itself having been rebooted for 2020 as a modern throwback to the 1990s original - and presenting it in one thought-provoking scooter.

On the one hand, you may mourn the dampening down of the Italjet’s head-turning minimalist lines, restricting that exposed trellis frame to the rear-half, but we rather like it combined with the sharp face and sunken ‘eyes’ of the V2.

We won’t speculate over whether this could ever happen - though the two companies are relative neighbours - but since Aprilia successfully allows its RSV4 sportsbike to share showroom space with its more modest scooter offerings, it’s not an entirely wild proposition *.

Going the other way, if Italjet were to soften the Dragster’s fascinating ‘Meccano-style’ appearance, it could do a lot worse than look here for some inspiration.

And at the end of the day, the 'Ducatitaljet' (that's our awkward portmanteau, we should say) it’s only a bit of fun!

* Incidentally, there is a Ducati scooter of sorts out there already, but it’s a branded one made by Super Soco in Ducati clothing