Auction called to help fund Guy Martin 400mph motorcycle land speed record bid

"The 52 Express" manager Alex Macfadzean is putting five classic BMW motorcycles up for auction to help fund Guy Martin's 400mph land speed record bid

Guy Martin

Silverstone Auctions has announced it will be getting involved in Guy Martin’s ambitious “The 52 Express” project as he bids to become the first person in the world to hit an eye-watering 400mph on a motorcycle.

Our favourite every day go-getting daredevil, former TT and road racer Martin has become a box office draw in his attempts to break all manner of records, mostly on two wheels, most recently cracking 300mph on a custom turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa.

However, he is taking it up a significant notch for his next feat - an attempt to break the Motorcycle World Land Speed Record, which currently stands at 376mph, set in 2010 by American Rocky Robinson.

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More than that though, he is seeking to smash it by breaking into the 400mph bracket with the help of a 1200HP machine - using an engine that originated in a Westland Lynx helicopter - designed and engineered by former GP racer Alex Macfadzean

In order to help fund this project - which is set to begin in June -, Macfadzean will be putting his private collection of BMWs to help fund the project via SIlverstone Auctions. 

As such, going under the hammer will be a 1968 BMW R69S, a 1967 BMW R50/2, 1970 BMW R60/5, 1961 BMW R50S and 1964 BMW R27.

The lots can be viewed on the Silverstone Auction website (click here) for anyone interested in landing a classic motorcycle and play a huge part in ensuring The 52 Express is able to get its windtunnel, rolling road and CFD work up and running in quick time.

As with many of his other stunts, his exploits will be followerd closely for a Channel 4 TV programme.