'All Around the World 2' | Over 100,000km on a Kawasaki Versys X-300 Adventure

Maurizio Pistore is setting off on a Kawasaki Versys X-300 powered 'All Around the World' tour for the second time, and he'll cover over 100,000km setting off in July 2021.

Maurizio Pistore Adventure

WOULD you set off around the world on a Kawasaki X-300 ADV? Well, one plucky adventurer is doing just that, planning his second 'All Around the World' tour, which will see him cross all 5 continents and 61 nations in 400 days - estimated to cover over 100,000 km in that time.

Maurizio Pistore is the solo tourer planning to get around the world for the second time, with a host of tours and trips under his belt from 2006; including his first ‘All Around the World’ in 2012, on a Quadro 3-wheeled scooter. 

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Having a look at his site, you can see the fully planned out trip and itinerary, including every stop and fee meticulously detailed to the last cent, with fuel costs, visas and overnight stays planned and arranged. You can’t say he isn’t prepared!

When it comes to the motorcycle itself, the Kawasaki Versys X-300 Adventure has been decided as the bike of choice. Maurizio says he initially set out to use Italian brands at every step where possible, but as some manufacturers didn’t get back to him (even one with an electric option, he says) the positive reception of his email to Kawasaki Italy was the main hurdle to overcome, and with it being sorted, the final stages were planned and he was on his way to planning the final stages of his world tour on the Versys. 

Around the world on a Kawasaki X-300 Adventure

You may wonder why he’s gone for a 300cc model, and not a 650 or 1000 - he says it’s due to the size and weight. A smaller capacity motorcycle can be controlled far easier than a larger, heavier alternative, and the Kawasaki provides much of what he’s after for a long-term ride - lightweight at 170kg, fairly large tank at 17 litres, as well as the accessories from Kawasaki (USB charger, centre stand, engine guards etc). 

His Versys X-300 Adventure has a twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled 296cc motor, providing around 40bhp at peak, with other adjustments made to lower the seat, fit extra fuel tanks and replace the wheels with some spoked alternatives he has sourced, as just some of the changes made. Either way, I'd rather do this tour on a Kawasaki X-300 Adv than a Quadro 3, so he will probably think of this like a luxury motorcycle for the job.

He’ll be setting off in July 2021, and his voyage will finish (if everything goes to plan), around September 2022. Best of luck on the tour Maurizio Pistore, send us a postcard!