Aftermarket tyre pressure monitoring system - first look

Add-on system gives simple tyre pressure monitoring in a smart-looking package

Fit2Go TPMS tyre pressure monitor

WE'VE JUST had this little package in the post - a new aftermarket tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), with Michelin branding, produced by British firm Fit2Go.

Amateur motorcycle tyre fitting with editor Alan

Now, TPMS setups are super-common in cars these days, and are appearing on more and more bikes too. They make great sense - a small wireless sensor with a battery inside is fitted to the wheel, measures the tyre pressure directly, and sends it via a radio signal to the dashboard. If you get a puncture or a slow leak, the bike tells you before things get nasty.

If your bike doesn't have it as a factory option, then you've been snookered, generally up till now. There have been some aftermarket systems before, but tbh, all the ones we've seen have been rather clunky: big sensors on giant jubilee clips, fitted inside the tyre, with enormous control boxes and brutalist displays.

This looks much, much better though. Modern electronics sip power, so this system gets away without a 12v supply from the bike, making installation much easier. The display has all the brains inside it, and is detachable, fitting into a magnetic mount on the bike. So you take it off at the end of a ride, stick it in your pocket, and put it on charge via USB when it runs low - but the expected charge life is an impressive three months... The sensors themselves fit directly onto the tyre valves, and are secured in place by a locking nut. These are sealed units, and the batteries inside should last 3-5 years before the whole sensor will need replaced.

The price seems decent for the quality: £80. But we'll be giving it a go and reporting back on how it works. In the meantime, check out the firm's site here: