Acoustic cameras could be introduced to fine noisy bikers

According to the UK government, acoustic cameras could be set up to fine drivers and bikers alike who breach noise limits.

Acoustic cameras could be introduced to fine noisy bikers

Currently, ‘acoustic camera’ technology is being developed by the Department for Transportation, with the aim of testing the cameras in certain locations (unknown) across the UK over the next seven months.

The reason for the cameras is due to increased pressures from rural communities who are plagued by noise pollution at anti-social hours, particularly from drivers with modified vehicles.

The witchcraft behind acoustic cameras is simple, just a microphone hooked up to a camera. If the noise limit is breached then a picture is taken of the vehicle's registration and a fine is sent in the post.  

According to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, the acoustic cameras will “assist overstretched police” in clamping down on “boy racers in souped-up cars”.

But what about us motorcyclists? What about loud pipes save lives? The same rules apply. This logic doesn’t allow us to get away with breaking the noise limit, which is a shame because it’s common sense; try riding through a city without a loud exhaust to warn drivers you’re filtering past… You'll constantly be on the horn.

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For the seven month trial period, it looks like the cameras will be tested in rural areas only, so if you plan on taking your bike for a country hack be sure to chuck on the standard can!

Will the cameras actually work? 

No doubt these new cameras will catch a few people out. And although nuisance noise is stressful I got doubts about the effectiveness of them, as there are ways to subvert being detected. What do you think?

Will acoustic cameras be effective in cutting rural noise levels? Or is it just another ploy to make money from motorists by the UK government?