650hp World Land Speed Record-breaking Suzuki Hayabusa up for grabs

A turbocharged 650hp World Record-breaking Suzuki Hayabusa engineered by BDR Performance is available to buy for a reasonable £30,000

Becci Ellis - BDR Performance Suzuki Hayabusa

If you’ve ever considered yourself something of a burgeoning speed demon but never quite had the tools to scratch the daredevil itch then this modified 650hp Suzuki Hayabusa may very well be for you.

This motorcycle is a World Land Speed Record holder engineered by Mick Ellis of BDR Performance, who took a stock Suzuki Hayabusa and fitted a turbocharger it to tickle the upper limits of the speedometer at more than 250mph.  

Thereafter his wife Becci Ellis went on to take it to a new World Record as she became the fastest woman on a motorcycle, hitting a 264.1mph (425kph) top speed back in August 2014. It is a record she retains today, despite cheating death in 2015 when she crashed whilse attempted to beat her own record.

Six years on and the Hayabusa is hitting the market and is on sale for £30,000 (or nearest offer). It’s a comparatively modest sum for an extreme but evidently well engineered machine boasting some impressive credentials.

Taking more than two years to tune before Becci Ellis went on the break its record, at the Hayabusa’s heart remains its Gen 1 1300cc engine, which has been fitted with a Garrett GT35 turbo, 1000cc Bosch injectors, an undercut gearbox, Carrillo conrods and low compression pistons. It uses 119 octane fuel.

Though the Hayabusa’s standard bodywork remains, it has been adjusted to include an aftermarket seat hump and race nose panel with no headlight.

Here are the full list of specifications here and contact details if you are indeed interested...