‘Witches’ help reunite scooter with owner

Apparently, the coven of witches cast a spell on the thieves who took the bike

THE KYMCO 50CC was stolen from Deborah Samuels-Stuck after thieves came armed with bolt croppers and balaclavas.

First reported in KentOnline, she said, “They came with bolt-cutters. They knew what they wanted but they couldn’t take it because of the disc lock. They were caught on CCTV but the cheeky things reached up and twisted it up towards the sky.”

With the disclock foiling the first attempt, the perps returned on a later date, lifting the bike up off the ground and over Deborah’s front gate. Little did they know that the owner of this machine was well versed in the dark arts, and she and her friends set about summoning up some vengeance.

“I was so angry at this happening that me and my circle of witches cast a spell. I messaged my friend who happens to be a witch. The next thing is all these witches had got together and taken part in a spell."

Deborah admits that the spell they cast wasn’t the most hardcore she has in her arsenal. She said, “It’s [the spell is] not a hexing - if you hex it can come back on you ten-fold. It’s not worth the trouble. My friend said, ‘they will know no peace until the bike is returned’, and repeated it several times over.”

Two days later, on Monday, January 7, Mrs Samuels-Stuck was leaving the house on her way to work.

“I opened my door on the 7th and the bike was there, returned,” she said. “I was so blown away I had to get the taxi to wait. The message is that when you release things in prayer and spells, it works,” she added.

So, Met Police - we know you read Visordown, quit with the heavy-handed tactics - get the spell book out and get casting some spells!

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