Flying bike/car/helicopter/thing...

...the logical next step?

OK, so they're calling it a 'flying car' but since it leans through corners like a bike we figured it was worth showing you anyway.

What's surprising about the PAL-V prototype is that, five years after emerging as a set of pie-in-the-sky computer-generated images and dodgy sketches, it's turned into a real, working machine. Despite the video's upload date, it doesn't appear to be a joke, either.

Looking like a cross between a Peraves Ecombile, a Carver One and James Bond's Little Nelly gyrocopter, it's powered by a 230bhp engine (we're guessing it's an aircraft motor, as the firm hasn't revealed many details) and from the look of this video is perhaps the coolest grown-up toy ever created. Want one.