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Copper comes a cropper on dirt bike

Maybe giving police officers off-road motorcycles wasn't the best idea, after all

Laura Thomson's picture
Submitted by Laura Thomson on Mon, 10/09/2018 - 18:24

Copper comes a cropper on dirt bike

REMEMBER that fleet of shiny new off-roaders police forces countrywide unveiled recently?

Well it appears they forgot the most important part - teaching the oficers how to ride them...

This video, shared on Facebook by Ryan Keeton, shows the unfortunate moment a copper went flying into the bushes on what is, by all accounts, a relatively easy trail.

He blamed his off on a crashed rider ahead, commenting: "I was too busy concentrating on you!"

"Any more excuses while we're recording," the filming rider asks.

"Any you want, I'll take them all," the officer replies jovially,

"How are your tyres, your suspension - are they alright?" jokes the rider. 

"Oh, I dunno," the policeman laughs. 

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