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How to… clean your carburettors

Keep your old-school fueller running sweetly

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Submitted by Visordown on Mon, 03/07/2017 - 16:07

By Alan Dowds

FUEL injection might have taken over from carbs for more than 15 years now. But the retro boom means the old-school fuellers are still pretty common on the roads. They're a reliable, well-proven technology of course, and nine times out of ten, any running problem are down to something else. One of the biggest problems is dirt clogging the tiny orifices inside them. A good strip and clean is the answer. Here's how...

1. Get 'em off

Before you start, turn off the fuel tap, and drain what fuel is in the carbs from each of the drain screws on the bottom. Then loosen the inlet rubber clamps, and remove any springs or clips holding the carbs in place.

Half the battle with old inline fours in particular is getting the buggers out. On Kawasaki GPzs and the like, they're crammed in between the cylinder head and the frame tubes, held in by rubber tubes. Like Tory politicians, these get hard and inflexible with age, so it can be a real swine of a job getting them out. And it if is, getting them back in will be twice as hard. Consider splashing out for new inlet rubbers if they're really bad. 

Warming the rubber tubes with a hairdryer can help reintroduce a bit of flex into them, making them easier to refit.  

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