Top 10 naked bikes 2017

Back to basics to taste the essence of motorcycling

NAKED bikes. It’s an enormous class that covers a huge array of machines in different sizes, styles and capabilities, which makes selecting a definitive top 10 a near-impossible challenge.

To thin the field a bit we’re turning a blind eye to retro-styled nakeds – don’t worry, they’ll be covered separately soon – and to small-capacity bikes models which, while perhaps perfect for learners, don’t have a wider appeal to full-licence-holders.

Even with those self-imposed limits in force there’s still a huge selection of enormously capable bikes out there, with prices that range from ‘bargain’ to ‘how much?’

But here goes…

10: Suzuki GSX-S1000

Can you believe it took this long for Suzuki to grasp the nettle and build a naked roadster based on the GSX-R1000? Perhaps it was burnt by its experience with the B-King, but finally there’s a naked GSX-R on the market. Well, sort off. The GSX-S actually shares its roots with the classic 2005 K5 generation of GSX-R1000 – a good bike, sure, but also one that’s a far cry from the latest and greatest. As a sporty, naked road bike, though, the GSX-S1000 works exceedingly well.



Comfysofa's picture

To which im almost happy in a way as i dont see many of them around and once theyve been on the dyno (theres a big restriction hidden in the ecu) they make a good 150 at the rear wheel.

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