Top 10 big-capacity sports bikes

Nothing offers a buzz like a superbike and these are the best legal highs on the market

BRITAIN'S bikers might not be as superbike-mad as they once were but we’re still connoisseurs of the breed.

There’s a good reason for it, too. Superbikes might force you to compromise on comfort but they remain the ultimate expression of what’s possible on two wheels. Performance that seems to defy the laws of physics goes without saying, but over and above that these bikes are constantly taking huge strides in controllability and electronic trickery.

You might have thought it’s a small niche, but we quickly totted up around 25 different brand-new superbike models on the market in the UK without even dipping into the bespoke, Bimota-style offerings that are out there. So while sales aren’t as high as they once were, the choice is wider than ever before.

Given the massive range of prices and specs, everyone is sure to have different priorities, but here’s our top 10 countdown of current brand-new superbikes (and here's our 2017 inline four-cylinder superbike group test).

Starting with...

10. Suzuki GSX-R750

DOES IT qualify as a ‘big-capacity’ superbike? We’ll leave that up to you to decide. But Suzuki’s GSX-R750is arguably the daddy of the entire breed. Today it’s short on technology and can’t hold a candle to the most powerful litre bikes on the market, but there’s still an argument that the mid-sized GSX-R offers an ideal balance of power and handling.


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