Top 10 Motorcycle videogames

A look through the ten best videogames that involve two-wheel machines

10. MX vs ATV: Reflex

The problem with most motorcycle games is that there is often the feeling that the rider is connected to the bike by their spine. The developers behind MX vs ATV: Reflex realised that the two are actually individual and created a game with separate controls for the bike and rider.

Rather than explaining how this works in words, here is attractive motocross chick, Jolene Van Vugt.

Another fancy feature is degenerating tracks with ruts developing on tracks making the races more challenging to hit the same line lap after lap. MX vs ATV has motocross bikes (and ATVs, trucks and buggies) racing supercross, motocross and opencross, with freestyle events too.

9. SBK®X

The newest game in this top 10 is the superb SBK®X. The WSB game is split in to two modes. The first being simulation which features an adaptable difficulty level. Amongst the usually single race and time trial modes is an in-depth career, this involves immersing a created rider in to the superbike lifestyle working up the three different classes available.

Away from the simulation mode is the arcade section, this has gameplay reminiscent to Burnout with the chance to make the bikes perform physic bending cornering and boost enhanced speeds.

SBK X features officially licensed riders from the 2010 World Superbike championship and riders from the 2009 World Supersport and European Superstock classes. The tracks have been recreated down to the last tree with dynamic weather conditions including a dynamic drying line on wet tracks.

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8. Excitebike

Excitebike came out for the NES in 1986 and is one of the coolest and iconic motorcycle videogames. The Nintendo motocross game only featured five tracks but taking the red and white rider across the side-scrolling circuits was a fun challenge.

Excitebike has since been revamped for modern age and is now available on the Nintendo Wii as a WiiWare game, perfect to educate the children on a videogame classic - before you dust off the NES or search eBay for one.

7. Moto Racer 3

Motorcycle racing games don't come any more diverse than Moto Racer 3, the game features a wide host of motorcycling disciplines. The four classes included in Moto Racer 3 were the standard circuit, motocross and supercross but there were also two further modes with indoor trials riding and street racing across the Boulevard Périphérique in Paris.

6. MotoGP 2

MotoGP 2 was based around the inaugural year of four-stroke Grand Prix bikes. Everything about the game was pretty ordinary with basic controls, graphics and modes. Where MotoGP 2 gained it's kudos is through it seamless and reliable online gaming where up to 16 players can race on either the two or four stroke bikes.

Gamers still long for the online days that MotoGP 2 provided.

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5. Manx TT Superbike

Forget pool tables and indoor basketball courts, if I was a multi-millionaire celebrity and the MTV show Cribs ever came to my pad I would have a single room dedicated to the brilliant arcade game Manx TT Superbike (and Sega Rally of course - but this is a bike Top 10).

Manx TT Superbike didn't have a recreated version of the 37.73 mile circuit, instead it was a mixed bag of Isle of Man landmarks connected by corners. This was not a problem as the arcade came was, and important for videogames, fun and an excellent excuse to waste £1 coins at bowling alley arcades

The game was available on the Sega Saturn but the arcade popularity never transferred to the console.

4. GP500

When GP500 came out for the PC in 1998 it was hard, very very hard. Microprose created a Grand Prix game that covered the 1998 championship with all the riders and tracks from that year.

I was never able to get the most out of GP500, my PC was never 'perfectly set-up' and the twitchy controls didn't communicate well from a keyboard, but this game is still popular online. GP500 is still relevant through it's online racing leagues and various modding has been done to keep it up-to-date.

Websites such as GP500 Store exist where likewise enthusiasts upload and download new bikes with the latest decals and new tracks.

3. Trials HD

Starting life as a free online game that distracted office workers and school children globally, Trials HD is the steroid enhanced version with insane obstacles to contend with.

The motorcycle platformer is now available on the Xbox Live Arcade and is still incredibly addictive with challenges including vertical climbs and boxes of dynamite to avoid.

Once all the tracks have been completed there is also the ability to create insane tracks and share them with your friends.

2. Tourist Trophy

From the creators of Gran Turismo comes the 'Real Riding Simulator'. Much like it's four-wheeled sibling, Tourist Trophy borrows gameplay attributes that requires completing racing licences to progress up the racing ladder.

The game features an incredible selection of 132 road and race bikes from 12 different manufacturers, including the 'Big Four', Triumph and BMW. A first for bike games was the ability to customise the rider's body english, by editing the positioning on the bike.

There are rumours that one of the reasons behind Gran Turismo 5's delay is down to inputting a Tourist Trophy element in to the car racing game. The possibility of bikes included as downloadable content for the racing sim is not unlikely.

1. Road Rash

Back in the early 90's Road Rash was the first example of videogame violence, before the likes Grand Theft Auto were even conceived.

The aim was to race from A to B across rolling landscapes, the only difference was contact was encouraged with the ability to punch and kick, or if you were lucky use weapons, to knock rivals off their bikes. Obviously racing at high speeds was not condoned on the Sega Mega Drive with police trying to arrest the player, but little did Officer O’Leary know was that he could be attacked too.

Road Rash does not have the same graphical abilities as some of the other games on this list but wins through sheer nostalgia, originality and mindless two-wheeled violence.