Top 10 GP riders of all time

If wins are the measure of success, these are the GOATs

THE debate about which racer is the best of all time is one of those unanswerable talking points that’s always going to be impossible to agree on.

But let’s have a go anyway.

Looking at GPs, of all classes, ever since the start of the world championship in 1949, these are the riders (at the time of writing) to have the most outright wins in world championship events. Yes, you can make arguments for others – those with careers shortened by injury, for instance – but in sheer, tangible results this is as close as you’ll come to a definitive list.

And some might be a surprise.

10. Casey Stoner – 45 wins

One can only wonder how high on this ranking Casey Stoner might have ended up if he hadn’t made the decision to retire while still a mere 27-years-old. In fact, his 45 wins are equal to the record of Jim Redman, but since Stoner took 38 of his on top-class bikes, against just two for Redman, we’ve given him the number 10 spot.

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