WATCH: Rider chases moped thieves at high speed through London

Brave or stupid?

IN AN AGE of increasing moped theft, and decreasing police action, riders are taking the law into their own hands. 

This video, uploaded by a Youtuber who goes by the name of 'FISHER', shows as he pursues a pair of helmet-less youths on a moped, who he claims had stolen his i-Phone X and pulled a hammer on him in an attempt to steal his bike.  

The rider catches up with the thieves as they approach a young boy on a bicycle - another potential victim, perhaps? - before they ride off at speed. 

Fisher follows and a high-speed chase ensues, with the two vehicles mounting pavements and cutting up pedestrians. 

Eventually, Fisher gives up the pursuit for fear of his own safety and that of others. 

But it leaves the question of whether his actions were brave or stupid. Breaking the law and endangering himself and innocent bystanders in an attempt to get his phone back doesn't scream brains, but when the police are catching and convicting so few moped thieves, bikers of London are starting to feel obliged to take up the fight themselves...

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