Watch: Globe of death fail

Loads of motorcycles going around inside a steel ball. What could go wrong?

Watch: Globe of death fail

Motorcycle Globe of Death (xpost from r/whatcouldgowrong) from motorcycles

EVER wondered how it's possible for several motorcyclists to race around inside a giant hamster ball without having a literal massive pile-up which traps them all inside by blocking the door?

It turns out sometimes it's not.

Just imagine their next conversion with an inurance company...

Insurer: You're going to ride around in what?

Rider: You know those balls that hamsters roll around the floor on?

Insurer: And there will be no other vehicles in there, right?

Rider: Maybe a few more. 

Insurer: But you've done this before and it's never gone wrong, yes?

Rider: Um...