Video: The world's first fully manned hoverbike

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Video: The world's first fully manned hoverbike

STEP ASIDE BMW with your R1200GS 'hover' bike, there's a new machine that looks as though it's about to steal the show - and the sky.

Russian manufacturer, Hoversurf, have developed the Scorpion-3 (S-3) and it is set to be the first fully-manned hoverbike. By combining a motorcycle design with drone quad-copter technology, the aircraft allows a single rider to manoeuvre as if they were riding a bike, just with the very slight adjustment of being in the air.

According to Hoversurf the concept can hold 19 stone, travel up to 30mph, reach an altitude of 33ft and is able to stay in the sky for almost 30 minutes.

The incredible S-3 is currently available for a $150,000.