Kawasaki Z800 vs bicycle

'Oh no, a corner! What do I do?'

APPARENTLY unable to get passed a cyclist, this Kawasaki Z800 rider seems just as happy to run him off the road. Perhaps it's time for some advanced rider training. Or failing that, just some training.


That rider really needs to learn how to corner. Terrible positioning and scared to lean as well. At times it looked like he couldn't stay on his side of the road!

Scary. That cyclist wasn't hanging about either.

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EU riding standards?

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We have moved on, mate. And so should you.

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Positioning and inability to use handlebars make him a danger.

I agree it looked pretty dangerous


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Christ, even our lass corners better than that and she's slooooww.

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That idiot can't ride for shit! But also that cyclist is riding like a twat too, cutting across from one side of the lane to the other. Then wonders why he nearly gets knocked off. If he'd done that to a car he would have even under the wheels

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Every single video of a bike rider gets armchair neckbeards whining about this and that.
Yes, you can go >100 km/hr on descents around corners on a bicycle with 100psi tyres on contact patches equal to two coins, with a wide enough trajectory.

The cyclist was a twat. I say that as a cyclist.

The motorcyclist needs a bit of guided practice and is a twat for thinking otherwise (why else did he set off?)

Luckily nobody died despite these colossal lapses in judgment.

…was spot on. His lines were perfect for his descent and the road. They were also entirely predictable. Good on him. The only thing he didn't do was fully anticipate the stupidity of the Kawasaki rider.

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