Inner City GP: Southampton

You don't have to ride miles to practice your roadcraft

Location: Southampton
Description: Triple roundabouts linked by dual carriageway sections
Surface: Bumpy sections, overbanding, no Shellgrip
Skills practised: Maximum lean angles, late braking

This belting Inner City track was submitted by Martin Gater and comes to you from sunny Southampton, a place where people still say "geezer" and "mush." It's three roundabouts joined together by short stretches of dual carriageway, covered in bumps and overbanding, and is located in the Lords Hill area just off the M271.

Park up in the overflow carpark thoughtfully placed in the middle of the second roundabout, get a sandwich from the conveniently-placed supermarket, wait for some locals to turn up and get stuck in.

The trick is to time your start to get a clear run. From the first roundabout, hold the middle line at a steady 30mph, look for traffic entering from the left, then flick her left and fire her up the first stretch of dual-carriageway. This is the fastest part of the track and you'll be maxing out at the top of 2nd gear at a fiery 31mph. Hard on the brakes and down into first, lob the bike into the sharp left, shortshift into 2nd so you don't highside and get massively back on the power past the bus-stop (doubling as a handy grandstand). Go for wide for the entry into roundabout three, cut back left and throw her into the right-hander nudging 29mph. Let her drift wide, mind the bumps, pick her up for the back straight (past another grandstand), a quick flick-flack and you've done a lap. A good time is 1min 15secs.

Local legends have been born at this road track, and legend has it that bikers have been coming here since the 1970s to practice their roadcraft. One local lad managed to highside his way down a 20-foot drop off, so tyre-warmers might be a useful addition.