Five of the best big scooters

You want to ride without gears but you don't want to sacrifice engine capacity? Step through this way...

No. 5 - Yamaha T-Max 500

It might be a midget compared to the biggest scooter in this line-up but the T-Max boasts all the best features of a maxi-scoot; a large 499cc engine in a sporty chassis with decent wind-protection and great off-the-line punch. It's 800mm seat height isn't the lowest in this class but is lower than most motorcycles. With a weight of 221kg this Yamaha scoot is around the same weight as the equivalent engined motorcycle and lighter than most of the maxi-scooters listed here. The T-Max accessories list is as long as a bus, so you'll be able to customise it to suit your exacting needs. It's worth noting it doesn't feature ABS as standard and retails at £8,299 new.

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Suzuki Burgman 650

No. 3 - Suzuki Burgman 650

The AN650 Burgman boasts a 638cc engine. It comes with ABS and offers a slightly gimmicky push-button transmission, which enables you to change gear with your thumb. The novelty soon wears off, but it defaults to automatic transmission like any normal scooter. Its 755mm seat height is lower than most motorcycles but it's weight, like the Silverwing is a rather hefty 277kg. The Burgman Executive costs £8,175 new.

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Honda Silverwing

No. 4 - Honda Silverwing

At 582cc Honda's Silverwing might be big for a scooter, but it's fairly small in this gaggle of gargantuan scooters. The Silverwing is Honda's flagship maxi-scooter and has the build quality to match. It's 740mm seat height is low, meaning even the shortest riders can handle it. However it's not lightweight, tipping the scales at 247kg. It features ABS too, making braking that bit safer. Honda's accessories list includes a 45L top-box, pillion arm rests and heated grips, adding more versatility to this super-sized scoot. It retails for £6,505 new.

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Kymco 700i MyRoad

No. 2 - Kymco 700i MyRoad

Kymco have been quietly creeping up the pecking order in the scooter market. In the UK, the largest scooter Kymco import is the Downtown 300i however rumours suggest the 700i will be imported in the near future. The 700i has a 699cc engine and features ABS, electronic-adjustable suspension and a keyless ignition. It has a top speed of over 110mph. Fingers crossed it'll be imported soon.

Gilera Gp800

No. 1 - Gilera GP800

800 might sound big but the GP800 is actually bigger: 839cc. This monster uses the v-twin engine from the Aprilia Mana and makes a decent 75bhp. Despite its size it isn't the heaviest in this line-up, it weighs 248kg and can reach 120mph. It may be excessive purely for around-town use but for longer commutes the GP800 makes sense. If you've got to have the biggest then there can only be one. It costs £6,855 new.

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