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When they saw my trike they said I might as well get a car. So...

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A Yamaha Faster Sons T-shirt worth £29 goes to whoever posts the funniest caption in our comments section below. 

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Oh, and the T-shirt is a size medium - that's all we've got. 


Pete Handley's picture

When I told my wife a motorbike would be a smart choice, this is not really what I meant.

For a bicycle with no shoe grasp, the work will be deceiver. You'll need to physically take care of out the grasp between downshifts to keep the back from locking totally and spilling you off the bicycle.

William Robinson's picture

"and I thought I had a split personality"

William Robinson's picture

"and no,dual nationality doesn't apply to vehicles either"

Raydial's picture

"The other side is me on the toilet. From crap to crapper."

Raydial's picture

...and that was the last time John said "The Harley is too fast for me".

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