How to be Smoother with the throttle

Pillion head butts will be a thing of the past after watching this.

Roadcraft Notttingham.

Russ Stevenson, a.k.a. Roadcraft Nottingham has 35 years of motorcycle test training experience, probably more than any other DSA qualified Motorbike instructor in the U.K, starting with a school called Star Rider in October 1984.

He passed his first advanced riding course in November 1984, started Roadcraft in March 1989 and took the IAM advanced test as a matter of course just to add to the certificate collection in 1993 so holds two advanced riding awards. To keep his riding at the best standard possible he also entered many road safety competitions which were Organised by the Police forces in Staffordshire and surrounding areas culminating in many awards and trophies. For real, this guy really knows his stuff!

When I was learning to ride Russ’s videos were extremely helpful and informative (without being preachy). Seven years on, I still watch his channel for awesome tips and safety pointers. Be sure to check them out!

Here he is on his Triumph Tiger 800.

Link to school:

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