Red Bull block Max Verstappen from MotoGP

The hard-charging dutchman admits he “would like to try” but Red Bull refuse 

Red Bull block Max Verstappen from MotoGP

Red Bull block Max Verstappen from a MotoGP try-out on the grounds that it’s too dangerous. 

The Dutchman started racing at the tender age of four and admitted the pull of two-wheels was there from a young age. Speaking to F1 Racing magazine he said. “I’d like to try MotoGP, when I was eight years old, I used to race on two wheels as well as four. I really liked it.” 

For now, any chance of swinging his leg over a MotoGP bike have been quashed as paymasters, Red Bull, have put the stoppers on any potential foray on a 200+ horsepower machine. At least until 2020 when his contract with the team is up for renewal. Maybe after then he’ll make sure any clauses preventing such activities are changed.   

“It was a bit more dangerous, of course, but absolutely I would like to try it. MotoGP is a different world but I like the feeling of getting close to the ground with your knees in the corners.” 

Talking at an event with his sponsor, Exact, Verstappen said: “I would love to be able to race on two wheels. I’m not allowed to. 

“I bought myself a Harley [-Davidson] and I asked the team if I could try a MotoGP bike, because Red Bull are a sponsor there as well, with KTM and Honda. And we have a track, the Red Bull Ring... But they firmly said no, because it’s too dangerous.” 

With the Dutch ace known for his aggressive driving style and late braking maneuvers, the prospect of him going head-to-head with the likes of Marquez on a full-blown race bike would be something to behold. Here’s hoping he’s savvier during his next set of contract negotiations. 


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