Yoshimura ingredients to improve the S1000RR recipe

Goodies and trick bits for BMW's flagship superbike

Imagine that the BMW S1000RR is a brownie, well the best way to improve a brownie is to add chocolate chips or in this Yoshimura trinkets. Here are some trick bits from Yoshimura:

Yoshimura USA has just released a whole host of accessories for BMW’s flagship sportsbike, the S1000RR. Including performance, cosmetic and protective parts all are exquisitely made and come with the standard Yoshimura guarantees of quality, excellent fit and functionality.
BMW S1000RR Hard Parts
Description | RRP including VAT
High-Mount Bracket (replacing footpeg) for R77-LE Slip-On | £56.99
Case Saver Kit | £159.99
Tail Tidy | £54.99
Bar-Ends | £27.99
Chassis Protectors | £85.99
Steering Stem Nut | £22.49
Rear Stand Bobbins | £26.99
Inspection Plug | £17.75
Oil Filler Plug | £17.75

Improving peak power and torque the new Yoshimura USA R55 and R77 slip-ons add performance and style to the BMW S1000RR

BMW S1000RR Slip-On Exhausts
Sleeve Type | RRP including VAT
R55-LE Titanium/Carbon Cone | £826.13
R77-LE Titanium Mid-Pipe/Carbon Can & Cone | £804.67
R77-LE Titanium Mid-Pipe/Titanium Can & Cone | £695.23