Review: Spada Freeride gloves - £29.99

Review: Spada Freeride gloves - £29.99
Simple, good ol' fashioned leather gloves

THESE Spada Freeride gloves are the simplest set of hand-shoes I’ve ever owned, and the perfect accompaniment to the Hedonsita jacket.

They’re really minimal – there’s no armour, finger bridges or Kevlar stitching. Instead, the Freerides are a good ol’ fashioned pair of leather gloves with a Velcro wrist closure, just like what your grandad used, probably.

At a penny less than £30.00, the price is pretty minimal too.

They fit superbly, plus they’re comfortable and provide great feel. The single Velcro closure gives a nice secure fit and because there’s just the one strap to do up, they’re also convenient and easy to whip on and off without loads of faffing – which is something I really like about them.

The lack of armour doesn’t bother me too much, and isn’t something I ever think about… until a stone gets flicked up from the road and hits my hand, which always stings in these puppies.

I’ve used them a few times in light rain and while the waterproof lining has withstood, I found that my hands could still get wet because the cuff behind the wrist strap easily folds forward, which can allow rain to seep in.

Obviously, I wouldn’t wear the Freerides on track but for city work and maximum posing points, I’m a fan.

Tested: Spada Freeride gloves

Price: £29.99

Contact: Spada / Feridax

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