Review: Spada Hedonista jacket - £269.99

Hedonism from a leather jacket?

IF HEDONISM argues that pleasure is the most important thing in the world, that must mean that a ‘Hedonista’ is someone who pursues the good things in life. If that’s the case, then the Spada Hedonista leather jacket promises quite a lot, which is why when it arrived at the office, I was quick to lay claim to it because after all, who doesn’t like to pleasure themselves?

The Hedonista is exactly the sort of casual looking (but protective) jacket I want to ponce round in when I’m not riding. I think its simple and understated styling, with just a small Spada emblem on the left arm and a tiny Union Jack flag on the front right chest, is right on the money.

Because it isn’t covered with tons of logos and external armour, the styling and finish of the Hedonista means it’s easy to wear off the bike and I’ve worn it out multiple times without being pointed or stared at any more than usual. Look closely though, and it’s not hard to notice the well placed CE-approved armour at the arms and shoulders.

The soft, supple leather feels like it’s good quality and although the images on Spada’s website make the Hedonista look like it’s got a shiny finish, it’s actually got a more textured, matt finish to it – like it’s already had a bit of wear.

It’s practical from a storage point of view because there’s four external zip pockets (sides and over the chest) and two inside pockets. I tend not to use the chest pockets because depending on what I’ve got in there, the straps of my rucksack can push against the contents and make them dig in to my chest.

It’s decidedly comfortable too, although I don’t like the short collar, which isn’t supple enough so I often notice it pushing in to my neck without much in the way of give. Even after a couple of months’ use, it’s not yielded that much.

Along with the collar, there’s one other area that deserves some criticism and that’s the adjusters at the waist, which are disappointing. They feel like they’re present more for form than function because they don’t offer a great deal of adjustment and when I did mess about with them, one of the leather loops to hold the excess strap broke as soon as I inspected it with my fingers.

What is good is the fit, because the Hedonista has a nice unrestrictive cut that’s neither too tight or too loose. The arms taper in towards the wrists and with the arm zips done up, the Hedonista gives a snug closure at the wrist, although sometimes the zips required a bit of cajoling to get closed thanks to the leather bunching underneath, making them awkward to close.

Venting is non-existent, and although air can get in by the collar and up the arms if the zips are left open a bit, when I’ve taken this jacket away to places where the sun shines, it’s tended to leave me a little on the warm side because there’s not much airflow when riding. There’s no removable warm lining either, so when the mercury drops, I’ve needed an extra layer. Having said that, it’s been very comfortable at less extreme temperatures and in its element in this kind of springtime weather.

There’s no doubting that, thanks to its less-is-more styling and lovely quality leather, the Hedonista hits the mark when it comes to a ‘heritage style’ jacket, and for less money than Triumph, Dainese and Alpinestars are asking for similar items. The armour is also comfy and substantial, without impinging on the style. All it needs to put me well on the road to hedonism is a slightly comfier collar (or maybe I need a tougher neck?) and a bit more love put into the waist adjusters.

Tested: Spada Hedonista leather jacket

Price: £269.99

Contact: Spada / Feridax

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