New limited edition Arai RX-7V HRC

New limited edition Arai RX-7V HRC
Probably the ultimate helmet for Honda fans

ARAI has just announced that it’ll soon be accepting orders for a RX-7V HRC – a £649.99 limited edition one of Arai’s top-line helmets. 

What makes the RX-7V special? The fact that it’s adorned with the famous HRC logo, along with the Honda wings motif and the Honda racing colours. The design is by Aldo Drudi – the man who paints Rossi’s lids.

The Arai RX-7V HRC will only be available in limited numbers because although Honda Racing Corporation has taken the significant move of granting Arai permission to use its logo, it’s only allowed to do so for a limited time – meaning Arai is only able to make a small quantity of these helmets. 

The RX-7V HRC LTD will be available for preordering from Why Arai, and will come from Arai in Japan; it’s not being stocked at Arai’s European warehouse. 

For more information go to Why Arai or Moto Direct.

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