Kawasaki ER-6F

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Cheap and very capable package
Not as sporty or sharp as some of its competitors
Less self-consciously 'funky' thank its unfaired sibling - but has Kawasaki's new twin got what it takes to beat Suzuki's SV650S?

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Submitted by David G on Fri, 29/04/2011 - 16:35

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I've had my 2007 ER-6F for almost four years and about 18,000 miles. I initially bought it for commuting but it's such a great all-rounder that it will do just about anything apart from going off-road. Nothing has broken or fallen off. Apart from a nail in the rear tyre, hardly Kawasaki's fault, the only problem has been some corrosion which was fixed under warranty without quibble. OK, it's no rocketship but it's plenty fast enough for me and the ER-6F isn't about flat-out speed anyway. Ridden sensibly the feisty, characterful engine will easily return over 65mpg. So far my bike has acquired heated grips, a Givi topbox and an MRA flip-top touring windscreen. I'm currently saving up for an Airhawk seat cushion because the standard seat, although not actually uncomfortable, does get a bit hard and unyielding on longer runs. In short, I love my ER-6F to bits and when the time eventually comes to part company it will almost certainly be replaced by a newer ER-6F.


Light, nimble, user friendly, economical, reliable, value for money, great combination of practicality and fun


Slightly iffy build quality. Standard mirrors are dangerous - extenders are essential

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