Triumph Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Triumph Bonneville Bobber
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SIGHT alone of the Triumph Bonneville Bobber has been enough to persuade over 450 people to put down a cash deposit, with specs and full price yet to be confirmed.

I don’t think they’ll be disappointed when they take delivery of their new bike in February.

The Bobber makes 77hp and 78lbft, and starts from £10,500 in black. ‘Why so little power?’ someone asked when we revealed the figures on our Facebook page.

There’s a clue on the side of the engine, which is the 1200cc version of the new liquid-cooled Bonneville plant, as opposed to the 900cc one found in the Street Twin. It says ‘HT’, which stands for ‘high torque’.

That indicates it’s not the ‘high power’ variant of the same 1200cc motor, which makes 97hp in the Thruxton R, but closer to the 80hp one in the T120 Bonneville.

Slightly less powerful, in fact – a detail I was surprised to learn when Triumph told us the specs at the end of the launch ride in Madrid.

Despite the figures, the Bobber feels more akin to the Thruxton R than the laid-back T120, which puts you in a good mood but doesn’t compel you to ride fast.


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