World’s lightest Suzuki Hayabusa ever - because it's expertly made from paper

Yoshiwo Models builds the Suzuki Hayabusa from paper and eco-friendly material. As far as paper models go, this is one of the most intricate and fascinating models I’ve ever seen.

Suzuki Hayabusa built with paper by Yoshiwo

Often when building motorcycles, the goal is to get as light as physically possible. Yoshiwo Models has taken that a step further (or too far, depending on who you’re asking) by meticulously crafting a scaled-down Suzuki Hayabusa entirely from paper. 

Starting by finding schematics and blueprints online, Yoshiwo transfers the plans and outlines for each and every part onto paper, making use of lightboxes where possible - but often windows, monitors, even his smartphone screen to provide the light to sketch his plans on various forms of paper - card, receipts, covers etc. 

His toolkit consists of everyday items rather than specialist bits - we’re talking a scalpel, hole-punch (more hammer & chisel than what you’re thinking), tweezers and starch glue. That’s it. The reasoning for starch glue, as from ‘The Vintagent’:

“I started using starch glue. There are two reasons. The first is to think about micro-plastics, it’s a very fine plastic waste, and its said that it may have an adverse effect. I usually use an adhesive made of vinyl acetate, so I changed to something which is not harmful to the environment.

"The second is that paper and [starch glue] are good friends. Both are made from plants, so even if the humidity changes, both will expand and contract in the same way.”

Watch the Yoshiwo paper Suzuki Hayabusa build process:

A 23-minute video documents the entire process of building the paper Hayabusa (or… PaperBusa), starting from the first sketches and outlines, building the entire motor, frame and components that eventually become extraordinary. 

If anything, without the fairings and seat you can admire and marvel at the details of the engine and framework. 

The level of detail and intricacy involved to build something so true-to-life, yet from paper at a tiny scale… it’s remarkable. If you have 23 minutes spare it’s well worth the watch. ASMR for motorcyclists level of relaxation. 

Give this a thimble of petrol and I genuinely think it would run. Incredible!

The full inline-four-cylinder paper motor. It has pistons and all inside!

It's not quite 'origami' which is the manipulating of paper by folding, more kirigami, a folding style that allows the cutting of paper.

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