This is what happens when a car drag races a bike!

This Camaro driver got more than he bargained for after drag racing a superbike and wrecking as he crossed the line!

This is what happens when a car drag races a bike!

TO anyone who says motorcycles are dangerous – watch this video. The clip looks to be filmed in the US at a semi-organised drag racing event. And as races go, this quarter-mile course looks to be as safe as they come. Long runway, tons of runoff, massive area after the finish line to slow down – what could possibly go wrong?!

Well apart from having his pants well and truly pulled down by the bike – naturally – the driver seems to lose all control of his Chevrolet Camaro just as his crosses the line.

From the footage we can’t tell if he plants the brakes too much or backs off and too hard, whatever happened; the outcome is fairly horrific.

Once the car stops rolling, the camera carries on and although the driver gets out and seeks assistance, somehow the support team miss the passenger, leaving him strapped into the smoldering heap.

Thankfully the emergency crews leap into action, extricating the passenger from the vehicle, who as we see from later in the clip, is absolutely fine.

So anyway – Dude on a bike 1, American ‘Sportscar’ nil!

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