Harley-Davidson King of The Baggers Documentary Released

Harley-Davidson has the first episode of its documentary that focuses on its exploits in the King of The Baggers racing series

King of the Baggers

Since its creation a few years ago, the King of The Baggers (KOTB) race series has captivated crowds and wowed viewers, quickly becoming one of the most unlikely motorsport classes on the planet.

The sight and sound of watching huge near-two-litre, cruisers duelling on track, at incredible speeds, has captured the imagination of fans in the US and abroad. The actual specs of the bikes are unknown, but those close to the series claim of peak power over 200bhp in a machine that weighs nearly 300kg. Despite the weight, the development is such that they can lap certain tracks at speeds approaching that of traditional rece-prepped sports bikes.

It’s a story that you’ll be able to relive away from the race weekend now, as Harley-Davidson has produced a documentary centred around its factory-backed team headed by its riders Kyle Wyman and James Rispoli.

Push The Limit | Harley-Davidson King of the Baggers Racing | Season 2 Chapter 1

Push the Limit: Harley-Davidson Racing 2 follows the intense 2023 season, highlighting standout performances such as that of factory Harley-Davidson rider Kyle Wyman, the most successful rider in King of the Baggers history. Wyman won seven races during the 2023 season and secured third place in the championship standings. With a remarkable track record of 14 wins out of 26 races since the series' inception in the 2021 season, Wyman also claimed the 2021 season championship. The documentary series also features reigning King of the Baggers champion Hayden Gillim, alongside James Rispoli, Travis Wyman, Cory West, Jake Lewis, Patricia Fernandez-West, Frankie Garcia, and more.

You can watch episode one above or keep up to date with new episodes over on the H-D YouTube channel.