Watch someone shred a Yamaha R1 rear tyre for 45 seconds at full chat

Back in the late 2000s and early 2010s, 180bhp superbikes were the rage. However, the arms of a man are stronger 10 or so years later

Yamaha R1 burns out, held by Alex Camera. - la Nuovo di Venezia e Mestre/YouTube

How exactly someone decides that they want to try to hold onto the back of a superbike on full throttle is uncertain, but it was a decision made by Alex Camera, and much to his benefit.

It does not take much to figure out that Alex Camera has a reasonable amount of strength contained in his body, but to prove it he decided to hold onto a Yamaha R1 (it’s hard to say exactly what year, but it’s of the first generation with the cross-plane crank) for 45 seconds.

During that time, the R1 was unable to move and just sat as though the front brake was jammed on (it wasn’t), burning out its rear tyre with all 180 of its decade-old horses. The last time a Yamaha of this generation looked like that, British Superbike history had been made between Tommy Hill and John Hopkins at Brands Hatch.

Camera was able to keep hold of the R1, whose throttle was opened by professional rider Marco Antonio Cosma, for 45 seconds, which is apparently a new record… for, erm, something. You can watch the impressive feat in the video above.

By now, 180bhp is a ‘measly’ figure for a superbike to be putting out. A brand from Camera’s own country, Italy, has a production bike that is capable of producing 60bhp more than that. Perhaps Camera, then, will bell up Claudio Domenicali for his next display of physical strength, and try to hold onto the 240bhp of a Ducati Panigale V4 R.