WATCH: Robbie Maddison hits a ski-jump on his motocross bike

The Aussie daredevil is filmed flying down a bobsleigh run shortly before leaping down the jump

RED BULL and X-Games regular, Robbie Maddison is a bit of an all-round hero in the Visordown office. Not only does he regularly fill in for Hollywood stars in films like James Bond and xXx [Triple X]. He also holds a sack full of trophies and more often than not trounces the competitions in freestyle motocross events.

He’s also more than up for jumping on a bike and doing something ridiculous to help get his sponsors some airtime. This clip seems to be just that, a bit of hero content to keep the paymasters, KTM and Red Bull among others, happy.

To start with, ‘Maddo’ (to his mates) warms up with a quick ride down around the defrosted and steeply banked course normally used to bobsleigh competitions, as you do,  before appearing at the top of the ski-jump.

After a couple of seconds sizing up the ramp that leads to the jump, he blasts down towards the kicker, that normally sends a Lycra-clad athlete far into the distance, and sales through the air, maneuvering his body weight to keep the bike stable as he goes. After flying through the air for what seems like an eternity, Maddison finally touches down, bottoming out the suspension of his bike in the process.

Some of Maddison’s other highlights include riding a modified motocross bike on a breaking wave, doing a backflip over Tower Bridge, jumping the fountains at Caesars Palace and riding a motorcycle nearly 20-miles on water.

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