Watch as Police Motorcyclist Tries Every Trick in The Book To Catch Rider

Video footage shared on Twitter shows a Police Motorcyclist throwing everything (bike included) at a rider in an attempt to get them to stop


For the most part, the police kop a fair bit of flack from the public for their sometimes soft-handed stop-chase laws designed to protect the safety of those they are chasing and the general public. 

That can’t be said of this police chase though, as the motorcycle-mounted copper tried every trick in the book to pull over this particular motorcycle rider.

The clip was shared on the London and UK Street News account on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), and it shows a police officer chasing a scooter-mounted rider along what we assume is a road in or around London. As the scooter rider attempts to make a right turn, the police officer lines up a takedown manoeuvre and positions the police bike to the right of the assailant. As the scooter brakes to take the right-hander, the brave bobby keeps it pinned and clatters into the back wheel of the scooter, sending both them and their bikes tumbling to the ground. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but the few times I’ve crashed a bike I’ve had a good few minutes of shaking uncontrollably and counting my fingers and toes to make sure everything is still attached. Not this police officer though, who instantly springs into action and makes off after the now dismounted rider on foot. What ensues is a bit of a comical chase (all that’s missing is the Benny Hill Theme!) and sadly after a few moments, it seems like the scooter rider makes off on foot. We sadly can’t find any information as to if they were later apprehended or what it was they did to draw the attention of the police. 

Slightly comical undertones aside, the video does at least highlight that in some situations, namely when traffic levels are low and pedestrians are out of harm's way, the police will try and stop people who it seems may have been involved in criminal activity. Moreover, this police officer, quite literally, put their life on the line in making that move. And in our eyes that deserves a big round of applause.