WATCH: Biker gets rear-ended by a truck

Amazingly, our hero still manages to flick the driver the bird while sliding down the road!

WATCH: Biker gets rear-ended by a truck

SADLY, there is no sound to this clip, it’s a shame because I have a feeling the rider of the bike’s language would have been interesting!

The clip, which was filmed stateside, shows a guy minding his own business as he rides down the freeway in what can only be described as a severe rainstorm.

A couple of seconds into the clip and the rider’s arms are pulled from the bars of the bike with a jolt as he is hit from behind by a large SUV type truck.

Amazingly, almost before the rider has hit the deck he is busily gesticulating to the driver of the vehicle, making them fully aware of how pissed off he is!

In fairness to the driver of the truck, the spray from the road is atrocious and by the looks of it the truck is already sliding sideways so it may be that they had already lost control prior to the collision. But on the other hand, keeping a safe gap and sensible speed is fairly easy in any conditions!

Whatever happened, we’re happy that the rider seemed fairly unharmed as the waterlogged road allowed him to aquaplane to a stop and get to his feet - although the driver of the truck probably received some ‘post-crash’ injuries!

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