Watch as Eleven-Year-Old Nails First Time of Riding a Yamaha R6

It’s safe to say this little dude is destined for great things, as he steps up to a Yamaha R6 and is knee-down in minutes


Racers have to start young, be they competing on two-wheels or four-wheels - it’s the perfect head start any future world champion needs.

The young racer in this video seems to be getting everything right, as he steps up from riding mini-bikes and gets a shot on a Yamaha R6 for the first time. The rider in the video goes by the Instagram handle Geroenmoto, who is already an accomplished rider, and can be seen hitting the track on Ohvales, Metrakits, and supermotos. 

His latest track outing was on something a little bit more powerful, though, and a lot bigger than the machines he’s used to riding. It doesn’t seem to phase the youngster, though, and after being helped on the bike - he can’t reach the floor after all - he rides off down the pitlane and out onto the track. It then takes him no time at all to get up to speed on the Yamaha, seeming to get his knee down in some of the tighter corners within just a couple of laps.

It also seems that young Gero is getting some help from the right people in his journey to racing stardom, as one of the people he thanks in the post accompanying the video is Kike Bañuls of KSB Moto. His riding courses have worked with some big names from MotoGP, including current HRC WorldSBK rider Iker Lecuona, Ivan Ortola, and 2023 Moto3 World Champion Jaume Masia, to name but a few.

The full post accompanying the video reads:

‘Difficult does not mean impossible!! Today has been a very special day in my sportsmanship. I fulfilled my dream of driving a Yamaha R6 at 11 years old. Today I changed the way I see things and understand that if you want to.. you can! that everything is a process. Let's go for more challenges and adventures in this sport I'm passionate about.’