Watch as Reckless Driver Forces Biker to Crash

A Volkswagen has been filmed weaving in and out of traffic in London, leading to one biker having what looks like a serious crash

Watch as Reckless Driver Forces Biker to Crash

A biker has been injured in a crash on Newham Road, in Tower Hamlets, London. He was being harried by the driver of a Volkswagen, who had already been involved in a police pursuit before the crash.

Sadly for the biker the Volkswagen driver’s reckless manoeuvring caused him to come off his bike, suffering what the Metropolitan Police are describing as ‘not life-threatening or life-changing’ injuries.

The video, shared on the social media platform TikTok, shows the biker riding along the road, with a Volkswagen estate car weaving dangerously in and out of traffic at speed, and changing lanes without an indication. In a move to try and maintain his position on the stretch of road, the rider of the bike tries his best to keep pace with the car, although it looks like he misjudges a slower-moving vehicle, and locks the rear wheel of the cruiser he was riding.



Tower hamlets on lock down today


The ensuing slide of the bike sees the rider thrown from the machine, as the driver of the Volkswagen continues to drive aggressively, seemingly unaware of the chaos they have caused behind them.

Speaking to MailOnline, a Metropolitan Police spokesperson said:

'At around 1.35 pm police were in pursuit of a car that had failed to stop on the A13 eastbound.

'The pursuit was terminated due to the manner of the suspect vehicle's driving. At around 2.40 pm officers found the car had been involved in a collision with a motorcycle at Newham Way.

'The motorcyclist was taken to hospital, where his condition was later assessed as not life-threatening or life-changing. Road closures were in place while debris was cleared.

‘Enquiries to trace the driver of the car are ongoing.'

While the incident does look to be the fault of the driver of the car, the rider didn’t seem to make the most sensible decision in trying to go toe-to-toe with a car that could weigh as much as 1,600kg. Frustrating as it is to see driving in this manner, ultimately had he backed off, his bike and his body would probably be ready to ride again.

We wish him a speedy recovery, all the same