WATCH: Electrically powered Hayabusa can out drag a Bugatti hypercar

This electrically powered Suzuki Hayabusa can complete a quarter-mile drag race quicker than a $1m Bugatti!

electric drag bike Busa

IF you’re looking for a bike to turn into a drag racing monster that can beat Bugatti hypercars, the chances are you’re considering a Suzuki Hayabusa. It may not be the best looking 1000cc+ machine out there, but the chassis provides epic high-speed stability and the entire package is massively tuneable.

But instead of turning to the tried and tested method for creating a drag bike – aka a highly tuned engine and the biggest turbos you can find – the Danish team behind this battery boosted ‘Busa turned to a rather unusual source of speed.

The motor that’s slotted into the bike is lifted from an electric fork-lift truck! Not the quickest machine in the world, but with 1,300 amps and 200 volts coursing through its veins, the motor develops a drag race friendly 200bhp. The power output of the electric motor is only part of the story, as the big news with electric power is the torque.

As we can see in the video above, the electric Hayabusa has some pretty monstrous torque, easily lifting the front wheel of the 164kg machine while it is a third of the way down the drag strip. And that’s despite the best efforts of the massively extended swing arm!

This electric Hayabusa can out drag a Bugatti hypercar!

With the battery and speed controller tuned for drag racing alone, the Suzuki Hayabusa can only run at maximum output for between four to six seconds, although that is still enough to record sub-10 second quarter mile time, reaching speeds of around 200mph.