WATCH: Ducati Panigale V4 Vs BMW M3 ‘Ring Taxi

If you’re thinking of heading to the Nürburgring on your bike, you’d be hard pushed to find a better riding guide then this video

Pangale races BMW M3

THE NURBURGRING is one of the most formidable tests of a car or bike on the planet. It’s 13-miles and 160 corners of narrow, sinuous Tarmac, that gained itself the nickname ‘The Green Hell’ from F1 racers of the 60s and 70s.

The track is actually a public road, albeit a one-way toll road, that anyone can drive, all you do is pay the toll and get on your way. It’s such a torturous course that professional racers in tuned up supercars make a living by taking paying punters around the track in so called ‘Ring Taxis’. Some people ride in the taxis for the hell of it while others might want some pointers on the best way to hook up a good lap.

In this clip we see YouTuber MrV4 hitting the circuit and eventually catching one of the BMW M3 Ring Taxis, going on to race the driver at up to 180mph. He manages to overtake the driver at the super-fast Kesselchen section, just before the infamous Karussell corner.

One thing that stands out to me in this video is not just how fast and accurate the rider is but how much other stuff he has to deal with on the lap – he’s indicating to tell other people which side of the track he’s using and flashing his lights to show vehicles in front that he’s approaching. If I was travelling at those kinds of speeds I don’t think I’d have enough brain power left over to breath, let alone think about what other people are doing!

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