Drifting home for Christmas!

Winter hack you say? Yeah, it’s a 400kg Road Glide!

Drifting home for Christmas!

THINK OF A WINTER HACK and the first machines that spring to mind are bikes like old, twin-cylinder CB500s, Suzuki Burgmans and the like.

Generally speaking a winter hack will be small, light, not too powerful and not the kind of bike you’re going to be gutted about when you pick it up out of the gutter if you do drop it!

Let’s talk about the Harley-Davidson Road Glide then, the 370kg, 1745cc behemoth that’s nearly 2500mm long and kicks out 110ft-lbs (150Nm) of torque. Not your average bike for navigating the winter months you may think but that doesn’t seem to be stopping this rider.

In the clip that is filmed on the banks of a frozen lake or river, the rider is clearly more at home on the Harley than your average rider, as he drifts and slides the big ‘Glide across the frozen expanse.

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