WATCH: Crazy video shows Royal Enfield Interceptor going off-road

A video has surfaced online showing a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 getting put through its paces both on and off-road!

Royal Enfield Scrambler 650 01

FOR a company that builds and sells its bikes in the Asian market, you’d always expect Royal Enfield’s products to be tough, up for anything and rugged enough to withstand a bit of pummelling.

Indeed, the firm already has a solid platform in the adventure segment, thanks to its Himalayan single-cylinder machine. But don’t think that their less off-road inclined machines can’t take on a bit if ‘light’ off-roading, as this video seems to show.

While the video is really just a bit of fun, filmed by some avid, and talented Royal Enfield fans, it does make us wonder just how good that 650cc parallel twin would be in a fully decked out adventure bike. Bear in mind, the bike shown in the video is, from the look of it, a stock and standard Interceptor 650, road tyres and all.

That doesn’t stop the pilot from performing some pretty extreme acts on the classically styled naked machine. From flying through the air, doing donuts in a muddy river, and scraping its pegs during some very tight 360° turns. There really seems to be nothing that can fluster the hugely successful Interceptor – even when taken this far out of its supposed comfort zone!

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 goes off-road!

Just a couple of months ago we shared some images of a self-built scrambler created from the interceptor platform. That machine (check it out here) was the work of a Royal Enfield specialist based overseas and was not an officially sanctioned model. That said, with the demand for retro scrambler continuing to grow, and the feedback regarding that bike being so positive, we’d bet that it’s only a matter of time before the Interceptor 650 gets an official off-road makeover.

And we cannot wait to see the result!