WATCH: A classic case of ambition outweighing talent

Not paying attention to the road, check. Nearly taking out a group of bikers, check. Probably should’ve taken the car today, check!

WATCH: A classic case of ambition outweighing talent

IN THIS VIDEO, that looks to be filmed somewhere on the infamous Mulholland Highway in California, an overexcited motorcyclist spears through a group of parked bikers in what can only be described as a massive error of judgement.

Approaching an uphill bend in less than perfect conditions should be a warning sign that a little restraint needs to be applied. For most of us anyway.

Sadly, this guy didn’t listen to his inner IAM instructor and instead went full Marquez (circa 2011 Moto2 season) hammering round a blind and misty bend, he attempts to slow the bike with downshifts and heavy braking but to no avail.

With what sounds like the front and back wheels locked up, he understeers off to the side of the road and though a group of waiting bikers. Luckily most of the group take avoiding action, resulting in our hero, sorry zero, glancing off the Armco barrier and ending in a heap at the side of the road.

How would you have reacted if this guy had almost crashed into you?