Watch: Awesome WET MotoGP practise starts | Japanese Grand Prix

Feast your eyes at the best motorcycles racers in the world launching there 260+ horsepower MotoGP machines at a wet Twin Ring Motegi Circuit. 

MotoGP practice starts Rossi

For those who couldn’t make it to last weekends MotoGP round in Japan to witness the practise sessions and race action, this up-close video filmed by Air Kei is the next best thing. 

The video begins with some riders hell-bent on getting their heads down and cracking on full throttle down the pit straight. However, KTM factory rider Hafizh Syahrin (no.55) has other ideas; halting his RC16 to the right of the track, and casually waving to the crowd. 

His thumb then clicks a couple of buttons on the left clip-on (likely launch control mode), he engages a gear, pins the throttle and dumps the clutch - this is the definition of bravery. 

The howling KTM roars up the pit straight without so much as a wiggle from the rear end. In fact, lifting the front wheel about six inches off the ground for most of the time. 

Syahrin’s epic launch - and the big white practise start board - got the other riders’ attention, and most followed suit and halted in the launch zone. Ducati factory riders, Suzuki, LRC Honda, Yamaha and others all stop to fire their machines down the very damp Motegi pit straight. 

If you look closely at Cal Crutchlow’s bike you can see steam evaporating off the wet rear tyre, demonstrating how effective such rubber is in poor conditions - literally vaporising water.

What’s truly incredible about this video, is the fact that these wet 'full send' launches are mere yards away from a solid concrete wall! I mean do these racers have no fear? 

Who do you think had the best launch out of the bunch? 

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